What is Cloud Storage? What are the cloud storage benefits?

Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular and is being used almost every business, as well as a large number of individuals around the world. What is it about cloud storage that makes it so great?

In the flat world today, surely at least a few times you have heard phrases like “my computer has just been damaged, it is not ready to put Google Drive project,” ” New travel, waiting to upload images from the camera to Flickr “,”Accidentally collected documents, or up to Droxbox to read slowly “.

All these phrases lead to one subject: cloud storage. Then what is cloud storage? What are the advantages? Let’s find out in this article.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud Storage is a form of service provided by a vendor that allows users of their service to remotely store, manage, share, and back up their data. This service allows users to access the file anytime, as long as there is internet access. Your data is stored on the server of that provider and you will use a desktop application or their online web application to access your data.

Currently there are many different cloud storage services such as: AWS, Google Drive, Droxbox, OneDrive…. In Vietnam we also have very a famous cloud storage app: Fshare.

The benefits of cloud storage

For businesses

– Low total cost of ownership: Instead of spending a fortune on hardware and hard drives, and expecting extra fees to expand and maintain later, with cloud storage you can add or delete storage space on demand and only pay for the storage you use only.

– Reduced deployment time: With cloud storage, administrators only need to determine the amount of data and total storage needed. Then concentrate on doing other things instead of trying to implement separate hosting for the company.

– Easy information management: By using the management features of the cloud storage service, you can easily do the information management with very easy decentralization, member management, data sharing.

– Damage Recovery: Using cloud storage means that you already have a copy of your business data. In case your data is damaged or lost, you will still have this copy.

For individuals

– Easy to use: As mentioned above, cloud storage services provide an interface for computer applications or online web applications. The interface is friendly and your only task is to drag / drop your data from the local drive to the cloud storage drive.

– Bandwidth: Depending on the service, but most of the bandwidth is high. Instead of sending mail to your boss, it takes a while to load the file (but also the 25MB limit), you just paste a link to the file you store, share the right view is done.

– High-availability: All data contained in the cloud can be used anywhere, anytime via the internet.

– Cost savings: Not only business but also individuals, instead of spending millions to buy a portable hard drive, for example, you only need 1,000 vnd to have 1GB of data in the cloud every month and only pay for what do you use.

Classify cloud storage

Cloud storage services can be classified into four categories:

Personal Cloud

We use this kind of technology in our daily lives to ensure the safety and security of our smartphone data. If you lose your phone, you will not have to worry about losing your phonebook because you only need to access the cloud backup file to install and bring it back to your new device.

Public Cloud

This type of cloud storage provides resources such as servers or storage for you to use over the internet. With the Public Cloud, all resources including hardware, applications, etc. are managed by the service provider, in other words, shared resources, just as the name implies for public use. You only need to spend money to buy services, the security of your data will be taken care of for you. The advantage is that it serves the majority of the community.

Private Cloud

This type of is for business and medium and large companies. Because this is a separate deployment model, the hardware that the business hires will be located at the company or at the vendor they buy (or rent) from without depending on any hardware running other services. of the supplier. With two-way synchronization mechanism, suitable for large applications such as database or ERP system because of low latency and high performance. The biggest advantage is good internal storage, without a third party vendor intervention (although all vendors commit not to intervene customer data).

Hybird Cloud

A combination of Public Cloud and Private Cloud. Allows you to choose a flexible Public or Private environment for the application. Give your business more deployment options because of the powerful flexibility that combines the advantages of both. The downside is it is costly and time consuming implementation will certainly cost a lot of time.

Cases using cloud storage

– Backup and recovery: Backup and recovery is always an important part of ensuring data is always protected and retrieved when needed. With today’s requirements increasing as a challenge. However, cloud storage offering low cost, high durability and large scale is the appropriate solution for backup and recovery.

– Software testing and development: software testing and testing environments, applications that require isolation, independence, and each environment must be the same for building and managing. There are a number of large companies that have created fast-paced applications by leveraging the flexibility, performance, and low cost of cloud storage. Developers around the world are also moving toward cloud storage options instead of local management headaches.

– Cloud data migration: Availability, stability, and cost advantages make cloud storage attractive to enterprise owners. However, with administrators managing storage, backups, and security, it’s a good idea to move a large amount of data to the cloud or vice versa for fear of losing time, security, etc. Now there are some Delivering large data migration services to the cloud with high bandwidth, which solves the problem of time and security.

In general, cloud storage brings more benefits. Knowing how to use it carefully and accurately with your needs is a big step in technology in your  life and work.

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