Samsung Galaxy S6 – Another Version of Samsung

In the Samsung family, especially the line of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Admittedly, the latter always takes advantage over the other. However, the Galaxy S6 is not a bad guy. Honestly, it is one of the amazing masterpieces in the world of smartphones for power, for the camera, for Samsung’s innovation but not necessary for batteries. Let’ see how it is.


The Galaxy S6 is a revolutionary change by Samsung. Everyone talks about it and keeps repeating. Indeed, the S6 bears a lot of alternation for the design. On the other hand, such improvement is not much different from previous generations.

It owns a good looking which is simpler and more modern. On close observation, you will find that Samsung has never sought perfection on this phone, which is a must-have when Samsung launched the S6 at higher than S5 and rivals such as iPhone 6 and HTC One M9.

Such version is a beautifully designed phone. It is not something so special as the S6 Edge, but it is the easiest to use. While the uniqueness of the S6 Edge brings difficulties in using, the traditional one is more feasible.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s second phone after Note 4/Note 4 Edge using a 2K base plate, and of course, the mainstream technology is still AMOLED. There is much debate over the use of 2K cellular panels on the phone as wasteful, battery-consuming (LG G3 vs. LG G2 is the most obvious example). But personally, I still support this resolution, especially is the Samsung model. For more detailed, the Galaxy S6 continues to utilize Pentax-like pixel alignments instead of RGB as usual.

Samsung uses the Exynos 7420 chip which is in the operation of the 14nm. Moreover, it is the world’s first mobilechip to be built. In essence, the 7420 is not created entirely on the 14nm process (the interconnect path is still 20nm), but it is still better than the usual 20nm process, in terms of both performance and power consumption. same architecture).

Regarding image quality, the Galaxy S6 gives a pretty cool image by the good color saturation, contrast, and great detail. The weakest point is that sometimes the picture is disturbed or fake, showing signs of over-intervention. In most cases, this intervention is difficult to recognize, but when the light is difficult or too bright, the S6 suffers a loss. The disadvantage is more on Note 3, then dropped a little on Note 4 and S6 takes over two seniors.

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S6 apply a fast-charging technology that allows for four hours of charging after only 10 minutes. The fact is that this charging technology is not something we are familiar with. It is Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 2.0. While not using Qualcomm’s processor, Qualcomm enables other companies to use their technology under the terms of Qualcomm’s power management circuit. Essentially, the Adaptive Fast Charging of Samsung, Motorola Turbo Charging or HTC Rapid Charging are all Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 only.

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