Dropbox’s cloud security strategy

Recent studies has ranked Dropbox as one of the most favourable cloud storage providers all over the world. Thanks to convenient, effective features and high cloud security level, Dropbox has gained in popularity in the last few years.

Designed with multiple systems of protection, Dropbox offers its clients a rather safe cloud environment to store and manage their files. In addition, the enterprise’ priority is to build this strong point to efficiently compete with a variety of providers in today market. Now let’s reveal Dropbox key success element: cloud security strategy.

Dropbox cloud security strategy pays attention to protect its clients’ account
Data protection

High-tech encryption is the very first step of Dropbox’s cloud security system. The 256 bit Advance Encryption Standard assures users of safe data transfomance between their servers and target clouds. Besides, data restoration can be problematic with some other providers but not Dropbox, thanks to its automatically deleted documents saving up to a month. In addition, Dropbox’s verification allows only authorized clients to gain access to uploaded files. You can even manage different levels of access to different individuals without sharing decryption key.

Data protection is Dropbox cloud security strategy’s main point
Privacy protection

Privacy guard is another strong point of Dropbox’s cloud security strategy. Obviously, no one expect their private information, as well as confidential data, to be leaked. As mentioned above, Dropbox allows users to sharing access without revealing their credentials. Moreover, the cloud security system includes notification function to notify customers of any modification or suspicious access to their account. Also, Dropbox’s cloud security strategy designed to respond government’s requirements is made visible to all users.
Account protection

Beside using notification feature, Dropbox strongly recommend its clients to create a strong password and keep it secret even from Dropbox itself. In addition, the enterprise applies multi-verification system which can provide double- cloud security level. You can also review the activity log of your account, any linked service or control any access to your uploaded data. The cloud storage provider may even support its clients in inspecting the legal status of any third-party’s service.

Dropbox cloud security strategy pays attention to protect its clients’ account

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