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Virtualization and cloud computing

Virtualization and cloud computing is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers so that each virtual machine has the ability to run on its own dedicated machine. An example of virtualization is the VMware or Hyper-V

Master’s degree or graduate certificate?

Do you really need a master’s degree? You want to advance or switch your career, earn more money, teach, or all of the above. Should you plunk down thousands of dollars to get a master’s degree in your chosen field,

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Another Version of Samsung

In the Samsung family, especially the line of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Admittedly, the latter always takes advantage over the other. However, the Galaxy S6 is not a bad guy. Honestly, it is one of the amazing masterpieces

Finding the data buried in cloud storage

It’s human nature for messes to spread across all empty spaces. We pointed out a trend several months back that for a growing cross section of enterprises, cloud object storage is becoming the de facto data lake. The good news is that

The role of mobile phone

The role of mobile phone In the past, about 10 years ago, having a mobile phone is something that luxury for almost people especially younger. However, at the moment, buying a mobile phone becomes easier and easier. Mobile phone, nowadays, plays an

Description Of Cloud Service

Description: You have heard the term “cloud service”. So what exactly is cloud services, and how does it work? And the complexity of the infrastructure contained within it. Cloud service or cloud computing is a cloud backup solution that allows

4 magic iPhone tips that you didn’t know about

There are dozens of cool iPhone features hidden beneath the surface that you probably weren’t even aware of – and not just the knowledge that cat litter can bring your phone back from a watery death. Here, we’ve picked our

7 Ways to Secure Cloud Storage

Get tips for keeping your data secure in the cloud. Figuring out a good path to security in your cloud configurations can be quite a challenge. This is complicated by the different types of cloud we deploy – public or

cloud server security concerns,network security issues in cloud computing

Cloud and virtualization gives you agility and efficiency to instantly roll out new services and expand your infrastructure. But the lack of physical control, or defined entrance and egress points, bring a whole host of cloud data security issues –

Review the advantages you can get from top Public Cloud Providers

Enterprises increasingly move to data, infrastructure to the cloud. Therefore, there are a urge necessity in understanding and finding out more about “Cloud” and the concepts relevant to it. This article will look into the advantages of top Public Cloud Providers to